Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit

Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit Review

Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit

An affordable soldering iron that does its job, the Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit (available on Amazon) is a budget torch and can be bought for less than $30. Powered by butane and being cordless allows for easy portability. This tool is perfect for general use with its refills costing relatively little.

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Features and Benefits

Trigger Start

The Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit is not fully automatic. For lighting ease, it requires a trigger start.

Includes Tips

Each kit already includes the basic tips you need such as a hot knife tip, chisel point tip, large solder tip, fine point tip and a hot blower among other accessories.

Butane Powered

The Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit works through the power of butane.

Budget Torch

The best thing about the Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit is its price. It can be bought for less than $30 which makes it the ideal choice for those who don’t really intend to use the soldering iron on a regular basis.

Max Temp. 3150 °F.

Its flame temperature that can heat up to 3150 °F makes it a much better choice than other similar torch kits which can barely reach up to 1000 °F.

Carry Case

The set comes with a carrying case for easy storage and portability.

Customer Reviews


Very good for those small soldering/cutting jobs

Very good for those small soldering/cutting jobs , well made by a company that has become synonamous with the welding industry !

It holds the gas for long periods , in my toolbox ! I originally bought this , for use as a replacement for my aging soldering iron , and it has done that and more , it is very usefull and one of the few , goto items in my toolbox !! I am one very satisfied customer !!! Thank You Very Much !!!!”

Here Mitchel mentions how well the torch can be stored whilst holding fuel and that the tool is great for both soldering and cutting jobs.


Plenty of power for bigger jobs

, Amazon Customer Review

“Maybe it isn’t as good as a high-end electric, but for the ease-of-use and convenience of not dealing with a cord, this is a winner! Take care of which way you point the flame outlet, however.

A lot of heat comes out there and you can easily melt something you might not want to while you are concentrating on the tip of the iron. Plenty of power for bigger jobs.”

Here the reviewer S. Kirchbaum mentions how the Bernzomatic torch is cordless, making it easy to use. And also points out how powerful the torch can be, so you must be mindful when using the torch for extended periods of time.

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Customer reviews of the Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit are generally positive. There are some users who claim that it is a great tool that gets its job done—even for more complicated jobs such as the precision required in jewelry making; however, there are also a few who claim that it doesn’t heat well enough.

The Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit has been reviewed by 181 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.8 out of 5.0

Pros and Cons


  • Good engineered sturdy design
  • Hot Flame reaching with a maximum temperature of 3150 °F
  • Adjustable Flame
  • Good quality stock soldering tips
  • Easy to refill


You may need to bring a lighter to light up the Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit which could be inconvenient for some.


  • Flame temperature up to 3150 °F
  • Each kit already includes soldering tips.
  • Trigger start for ease of lighting
  • Refillable for convenience
  • Cordless design for portability

Our Take

The Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit isn’t exactly the highest reviewed torch kit you can find on Amazon but it does its job. It heats up well and can produce temperature that’s high enough with proper operation. Because of the tips that come with the kit, it can be used not only for soldering but also for cutting metal and plastic materials as well as jewelry making.

Though its list of uses do not clearly indicate wood burning, it can be possible as well with proper use. It works with butane and each refill should last about 20 minutes of continuous use. Manufactured in the United States, you can expect the Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit to be reliable and powerful.Bernzomatic Micro Torch KitThe Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit is cordless and completely portable which makes it easy to control even when working with such tiny materials and easy to take with you when you intend to work in places without a power outlet nearby. It can be used in car or motorcycle repairs or even by electricians and technicians repairing circuit boards of TV’s, computers and more.


Checkout this video on the un-boxing of the Bernzomatic ST250 Micro Torch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get replacement tips?

Replacement tips can be ordered from Bernzomatic.

Does this iron have electronic ignition?

No, you will need a ignition source such as a lighter or match.

Is the kit supplied with Butane?

No, you will have to purchase the butane separately. Its easy enough to find at a local DIY store.

Can the flame be adjusted?

The flame is adjusted using a valve.


Considering its reasonable price the Bernzomatic Micro Torch Kit is ideal for those who don’t need a torch or soldering iron for daily use. The torch is cordless and has a powerful flame at its highest setting.

Our Rating (4.1/5.0)


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