Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron Review

Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron

Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering IronLong gone are the days of big and heavy soldering irons. Now, the trend in soldering irons is a more lightweight and compact build, with still enough power for day to day metal repairs and works. This is just what the Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron offers users. Now, you can work with metal in a manner that is both easy and safe.

Key Features

  • Weighs 3.2 ounces
  • Tip temperature reaches up to a maximum of 900 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Adjustable gas flow valve
  • Can be used continuously for 30 minutes long
  • Window to control fuel volume
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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One great thing about the Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron is that it features the Piezo electronic ignition system, which ensures users of a safe and reliable ignition every single time.

This product weighs only 3.2 ounces, making it incredibly lightweight. This lets users of all body masses operate this soldering iron with little or virtually no trouble at all. This unit is travel sized for your convenience.

Though small, the Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron can carry enough fuel to last for 30 minutes of continuous use on the medium setting. The fuel level of this item can be easily monitored and controlled through a window which allows users to observe the product’s fuel level.Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering IronThe temperature range of this device is from 750-900 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be controlled by the adjustable gas flow valve which in turn controls the temperature range. When the tip of this butane soldering iron is removed, the product can also be used as a mini torch.

This product is great for working with electronics, jewelry and heat shrink tubing. The Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The Weller ML500MP Soldering Iron lights up reliably and heats up quickly.
  • This unit can stand on its own and therefore saves you from using a stand or having to place the soldering iron down horizontally, which may potentially damage the surface.
  • The cap this device comes with protects the tip when placed in tool boxes or other containers where it easily gets tossed around.
  • The portability and lightweight nature of this product has been commended as well.


A few users have commented over the short life of this product, saying that it ceased to function after only a short while of use.

Customer Reviews

Overall, the Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron has received mostly positive reviews. Users seem to enjoy the weight and build of this device, as well as its heat capacity and ability to heat up quite quickly.

“I have had a number of other butane soldering irons before, and hated them. They were very difficult to light, the tended to go out, they leaked butane quickly when off, so you had to fill it before each use. This one, so far, has none of these problems. It lights with a click, heats quickly and efficiently, stays lit, goes off when you turn it off, and has butane when you go back to light it again. I will probably use this before my plug-in soldering iron in the future”

Ben B, Amazon Customer Review

“This was a great transaction. It arrived really fast and in perfect condition. I gave this to my nephew for Christmas and he was thrilled. Highly Recommended!!!))6!”

Marsha Sheibley, Amazon Customer Review

“I needed something to do small soldering jobs such as making antenna wire connections for amateur radios. This Mini Butane Soldering Iron fits the bill just great. Does not come with butane though. You have to purchase the butane at places like Walgreens, Wallmart etc.”

Dennis J Marko, Amazon Customer Review

The Weller ML500MP has been reviewed by 39 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.7 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


If you are looking for a lightweight butane soldering iron for small to medium sized metal work, then the Weller ML500MP Mini Butane Soldering Iron is something you should definitely look into.

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