Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron

Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron Review

Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron

Weller WPA2 Pyropen Review: The overall look of the Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron definitely shows durability and class at the same time. While you won’t probably require a good looking tool in your box, it is great to know that this fully automatic soldering iron does an excellent job.

The preferred soldering iron of professionals, you can expect convenient and easy operation with the Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron in such a great package.

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  • Ignites with the push of a button
  • Completely portable
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • 3 hours of operation on a full tank of butane
  • Cordless
  • Temperature adjusts from 482 Degree F to 932 Degree F

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The Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron is not the cheapest one in the market as it comes with a $150 price tag. Considering that it doesn’t come in a kit, instead, it is sold on its own, it is still the soldering iron of choice by most professionals.

It is completely cordless and powered by butane making the Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron completely portable and convenient to bring. It heats up pretty fast – you only need 30 seconds to begin working which allows you to have higher productivity. It has a sturdy metal tank for butane which makes you feel at ease while using it and can work up to 3 hours of continuous use with every refill.

The output wattage of the Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron is at 25 to 60W and works with the recommended WB1 or WB2 Butane refill. Ideal for expert use, every professional technician must have one of these in their toolbox.

User Reviews

Most reviews from customers using the Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron come from those who have used it professionally. Customers are very satisfied with its great performance, sturdy build, and impressive heating power.

They have also raved about how it has been the best one of its kind that they were able to find after purchasing several soldering irons for decades. There are some though who are disappointed about it not having a carrying case.

“Given the option, I prefer to use my Weller plug-in base station with adjustable temp tip. This beauty is slick enough to stand in without making me grumble too much. I had another Pyropen for many years before wearing it out. (Actually, it may only need a new burner.)

The Pyropen heats up quickly, has adjustable temperature and a variety of tips to choose from. My only grumble is watching the fingers from that exhaust port. But if you want a portable soldering iron, this is it. I’ve tried almost every other gas and battery-powered unit out there, and nothing else is even close. Extremely reliable.”

   Metrylq, Amazon Customer Review

“This soldering iron has met all of my expectations. I work in the pits and bilges of a US Navy warship and this soldering iron has helped me tin and season leads that are well over 10 years old with success.

The only thing I dont like about this soldering iron is how phallic it looks. I wish it was boxy in design but Its a very small complaint because i can expand on the fact that my friends dont know how to solder and fix their equipment on the spot.

This is great for doing a quality job all the time given that you have solder on hand and some fresh termination leads. I love this iron and I get plenty of compliments. Hey ladies ;). “

   Joshua R, Amazon Customer Review

The Weller WPA2 Pyropen has been reviewed by 27 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 3.8 out of 5.0.     (View all reviews on Amazon).

Features and Benefits

Quick Ignition

With just one push of a button, the Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron automatically ignites.

Butane Powered

The butane metal tank can refill butane good enough to last for 3 hours of continuous operation.


Fully dependent on butane power, there are no cords, wires or a need for a recharge.


The build quality is great meaning you get a reliable and sturdy soldering iron that’s meant to last.

Temperature Control

Easy temperature adjustment is from 483 °F to 932 °F.


Heats Up Quickly

It heats up within 30 seconds.


The Weller WPA2 Pyropen Soldering Iron doesn’t come with a kit so if you need other tips or a carrying case, you have to purchase this separately.


If you are a professional and you’re willing to invest a bit on a soldering iron that can provide you reliable service and precision work for many years to come, the Weller WPA2 Pyropen Butane Soldering Iron is a good buy. However, if you don’t intend to use it on a daily basis, the price of $150 would probably not be ideal for you.

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