Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit Review

Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit

Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit


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A soldering iron is always a handy thing to have around the house to quickly fix broken jewelry, eyeglasses, electrical parts and other metal items.

When your thinking about buying a soldering iron, don’t just stop at the soldering iron itself. Why not purchase a kit that will provide you with everything you will ever need for working with small to medium sized pieces of metal.

This is what the Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit ($80.48 on Amazon) offers you and more. Never again will you have to stop in the middle of a project because you’re missing a particular tool. This kit has everything you’ll ever need.

Key Features

  • Contains 4 soldering tips, one deflector tip, one hot air tip and one hot knife tip
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Quick refill time of 10 seconds
  • Maximum temperature of 580 degrees Celsius
  • Comes with a safety cut-off switch
  • One year replacement warranty

The Portasol 010589330 Super Pro Kit provides users with one Portasol Super Pro 125 soldering iron and seven different tips; four soldering tips, one torch, one hot air tip for heat shrink, and one hot knife. Aside from all of this, the kit also includes a sponge, a stand, a tray, a kit box and of course, a box of handy instructions.

This soldering iron offers users the freedom of controlling the amount of power the device uses, from 25-125 watts. A user can easily use this device continuously for up to two hours between refills, saving a user both time and effort for refilling the item with butane. The refilling process itself is very easy, and takes only 10 seconds long to complete.Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit The Portasol 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit is very safe to use. This product is manufactured from butane compatible plastic which has been ultrasonically welded together in order to prevent leaking even in cases when the soldering iron is exposed to UV light, sudden impact and changes in temperature. This lowers the item’s fire hazard capability due to the combustibility of butane.

The cordless and lightweight nature of this device gives a user the freedom to easily move and maneuver around his/her work area when working with metal. The soldering iron heats up quickly in less than 30 seconds, which is great for quick fix ups. This item also comes with a one year replacement warranty.

The Good

  • The lightweight and cordless nature of the soldering iron is a great advantage for it provides users with both ease and comfort.
  • The seven tips included in this tip allow users to easily switch between tips for what they need at the particular time.
  • The soldering iron is easy to refill, has a sturdy build and heats up quickly.

The Bad

Some users have commented over how their soldering irons do not work upon arrival. This may be due to a factory defect or a shipping error. The Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit comes with a replacement warranty however, so this problem can be sorted out quickly.

Customer Reviews

The vast majority of reviews this kit are positive. Users like the way the iron looks, weighs and works. Users are happy with how the kit is easy to use, easy to travel with, easy to refill and quick to heat up.

“As a professional mechanic this tool is ideal for soldering wire on vehicles without the the requirement of and extension cord or electricity. It also puts out sufficient heat even under windy conditions. A++”

George Gosnell, Amazon Customer Review

Here the reviewer George Gosnell picks out the advantage of the Portasol Super Pro Iron being cordless and being capable in the outdoors.

“I have used Portasol products for years, this is one hell of an upgrade from my old butane Portasol unit. I like the idea of electronic starter instead of the old sparkle one. More tip options and more powerful than the last.”

 P. Labault, Amazon Customer Review

Here the reviewer P. Labault mentions that the iron has an electric starter which should make ignition far more reliable.

“Love the portability. I use mine at the workbench and outside for deck lighting projects, landscape lighting, in the car, etc. It is really powerful on high and just right on low for delicate work.

Also great for heating shrink tubing. It really uses up the butane on high, but is pretty efficient on low. I always turn mine down if I am keeping it on for extended periods. High quality components that seem like they will last as well.”

Halcyon, Amazon Customer Review

Here the reviewer Halcyon mentions how the kit comes with a heat tube shrinking attachment that seems to work well. They also mention how to be efficient when using the tool by reducing the setting to low when your using it for extended periods of time.

The Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit has been reviewed by 165 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to read all 165 customer reviews.


Checkout a video on how to use the Portasol SuperPro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the iron light?

Generally this tends to happen if the butane has not stabilized, it could be that there is too much air in the fuel mixture.

Begin by draining the fuel. Ensure you are using a good quality fuel. Shake the can for at least 30 seconds. Fill the iron with fuel, ensuring that the can is pointed downwards. Don’t use a constant stream of fuel, use short bursts until you see the fuel fizzing over, which should take between 45-60 seconds.

Before trying to light the iron ensure that you have let it reach room temperature. Once it has reached room temperature its ready to light. Although it should ignite at any setting if your having issues then turn the setting to the lowest level since it will increase the fuel to oxygen ration making ignition quicker. As you light the iron, being to increase the gas setting until your ready.

How many tips are supplied with the kit?

The kit is supplied with 4 soldering tips, one deflector tip, one hot air tip and one hot knife tip so a total of 7 tips.


Overall, the Portasol 010589330 Super Pro 125-Watt Heat Tool Kit is a great buy for anybody looking for a complete soldering iron kit that is user friendly and practical. Click here for the latest reviews and ratings on Amazon.

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